About Seraphina


Seraphina was founded in 2015 by Fiona Hodges, the designer and creative force behind the ready to wear brand.  Seraphina was created to elevate the every day and to give her loyal and discerning clients a feminine yet sophisticated, modern wardrobe with great attention given to detail. 

Fiona’s love of India and fond memories of her father’s tea plantation in Darjeeling where she was raised, coupled with her love of design, inspires her collections year after year.  She worked for VOGUE in London and Sydney but it was not until she was in her early 30’s she found herself back in India on holiday.  Captivated and inspired by the colour, texture and beauty of the fabrics, she quickly got to work finding artisans to work with.  

“I bought some fabric in the market and found a one-man-band to make up a dress,” she says. “He took my fabric up to his roof terrace where he sat with a simple sewing machine and views of the city.  He made my idea become a reality. The joy of seeing cloth turn into clothes and overseeing that process, gave me such a thrill. I guess I’ve been hooked on the magic ever since.”

Fiona focuses the functionality of each piece but at the same time offers elegance and femininity. She ensures that each silhouette is crafted from the finest natural fabrics such as linens, cottons and silks. The styles, prints and embroideries are designed with the intent of making you feel your very best.

Fiona continues to be inspired by the vibrancy and colours of India which she now considers her second home.