Our Mission Statement


All our clothing is made by the finest artisans in India whose pride, care, passion, skill and expert attention to detail shine through in each piece.  We pride ourselves on our very short supply chain: our pattern cutters, stitchers and tailors work in the same place, so every aspect of every piece is local and accountable.  Fiona works closely with the team and visits the factory regularly to ensure that the excellent working conditions are maintained. 

Each Seraphina collection for women is complimented by a children’s collection in fabrics and styles designed to allow mothers, aunts, friends and fairy godmothers to match or clash delightfully with their little ones.


Seraphina Is founded on a strong bedrock of slow fashion. We believe in buying less and buying better. Our clothes are designed to last (see how to care for your Seraphina garments below) and to see you through year after year.  Whilst we are inspired by what we see on the catwalks and in magazines, we are never dictated to by fashion: our clothing is designed to look as fabulous in five year's time as it does now. 

We aim to help preserve the ancient traditions of the artisans and craftspeople we employ to make our clothing, and we use only natural fibres. Orders sent via DHL are GO GREEN - CARBON NEUTRAL as part of our ongoing commitment towards sustainability. We are constantly working to make our business more sustainable and carbon neutral and hope to have achieved our goals by 2022.

Our factory is SEDEX certified which means that they protect the people working in their supply chain and manage their social and environmental performance.



We believe in buying less and buying better.  We aim to create timeless pieces designed to last and look as good today as well as in five year's time using premium milled fabrics.


We have recently started to use certified organic cotton which has been sustainably sourced in India.  Growing cotton without chemical pesticides or harmful fertilizers makes it environmentally friendly and in turn less harmful for the workers and consumers alike.  Our packaging is re-cycable with general household waste. 


We will do whatever it takes to get exactly what you want when you want.  
If the size you are looking for is out of stock, we will do our best to locate.   
If you are not sure what your fit is, just email us at customerservice@seraphinalondon. We are here to assist and advise. If you need something urgently, we will do our very best to deliver within 24 hours or on the same day if humanly possible.