A Q&A With The Queen of Bespoke Stationery

A Q&A With The Queen of Bespoke Stationery

Romeo + Jules is the go-to stationery brand for stylish, thoughtful designs. On top of their ready-to-write collection, full of scalloped edges, delicate pastels and cheery prints, they also offer a bespoke service, all on recycled paper. I was so impressed by the beautiful designs that the founder, Jennifer Grant, came up with for Seraphina that we quickly became friends, and she is an ambassador for the Seraphina Autumn/Winter 20 collection. I caught up with her to quiz her about her inspirations.


Fiona x

Jennifer Grant in The Carousel Dress

What is your earliest stationery memory?

It all started with a crush on stationery as a young girl. Back to school shopping for notebooks and pencils was high on the list of favourite things. At the age of six, I made an announcement to my mother that I would no longer need to attend school as I would be taking up a profession as a ‘colour-er’. And just in case that didn’t work out, plan B business cards were created by hand to be the first woman President of the United States. Feeling thankful today to be on this stationery journey and not in politics! 

How did Romeo + Jules come about? 

Romeo + Jules was always a side hustle before I think I even realised it. As a graphic designer, I was forever creating stationery for friends and family on the side. Following a career as an Art Director at British Vogue, I was craving creativity in my own right and decided to set up Romeo + Jules. Named to evoke emotions, in a modern sense, R+J’s design aesthetic revolves around a sense of whimsy blended with strength for stationery that leaves a lasting impression. And similar to the art of dressing, the stationery aims to present the writer in an equally fashionable approach. After all, life is too short for bad stationery!

Where do you find inspiration? 

It’s incredibly clichéd to say, but I do believe that inspiration is everywhere. From a walk down my local Portobello Road to an exhibit at the Royal Academy, I find colour choices and pattern creations can be inspired from everyday musings. Coffee table books and patterns of earlier days forever bring me joy, as do colourful moments in nature. 

The bag, correspondence cards and tissue paper that Romeo + Jules created for Seraphina

What has been the most fun commission you’ve had so far?

I feel very lucky to have had a variety of joyful commissions come our way. No two projects have been the same to be honest! We strive to work closely with each client to bring their personal aesthetic to life through their stationery. And lucky for us, all of our clients seem to love colour as much as we do!  

What are your dreams for the brand?

Like most brands, Romeo + Jules has had to pivot during these challenging days and shift our focus slightly with the changing rules. As many of our clients’ sights shift towards homewares, so do our design visions. I dream about a day when we can start to apply our design vision to more products, such as wallpapers.  

Finally, what do you enjoy doing beyond designing the most gorgeous stationery around?

With two boys, a dog, a husband and a business, free time is short these days. Home moments with a good book is my current way to relax. And sketching away in my sketchbook of course!

Find out more at romeoandjules.studio

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