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Seraphina exclusive offer with Georgie Spurling

It feels like a very long week. Living in the country and getting out for a daily walk sometimes requires a little more to switch off with this 3rd lockdown. This is where Georgie Spurling comes in.

Exclusive offer with Georgie Spurling

Georgie is a fully trained personal trainer and pilates teacher. She has created and teaches her own GS Method that will change your body in weeks, and all in the comfort of your own home.

Georgie is offering Seraphina subscribers an exclusive 30% off her online memberships and workouts. It gives you full access to her online pilates programmes. I have started the two week beginner classes and I am really feeling a difference. Whether you want a month, six months, a year. Sign up here and use the code SERAPHINA30. The code is valid until Sunday 14 February 2021. 

Georgie in Lockdown 1.0 

Georgie was featured by Tatler, London’s Evening Standard and Folkes as one of the top fitness people to work within weeks of the first lockdown.

In 2019 Georgie was running her own GS Method weekly classes at Bamford Spa in Chelsea and began at the Chelsea Harbour Club in Fulham in 2020. Both classes extremely popular for reducing stress levels. 

What can Georgie do for YOU...

Having a workout to go to that has a low impact on my hormones seriously appeals. Let me give you a quick hit on Georgie’s unique GS Method and why I want to share her with you;

  • The GSM workouts are low stress, and don’t spike you stress hormones
  • The GSM fatigues the muscles quicker, giving you rapid results
  • It hits deeper muscle groups which puts the muscles under contraction for longer, again creating quicker results
  • The GSM creates long & lean muscles
  • It is super low impact on your joints
  • Building strength is key to women
  • Twenty minutes a day can make all the difference.

What access to the GSMethod gives you

The GSMethod website is exclusive to members only. It gives you access to a variety of workouts or weekly planners. Basically Georgie does the planning for you. You can do daily workouts, 15mins’ workouts, Two Week Beginner, or a 40 Day Fire Up!

During this new lockdown, Georgie is running 2021 lift off challenge. There is constantly new content and IG Lives to keep you motivated. She will also do one on one online workouts – maybe do one as a taster. I cannot recommend her more highly. Contact her directly

At the moment, time is no excuse for a little bit of sanity, is it?

I look forward to hearing how you get on.



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