Behind The Scenes - New Seraphina Spring Summer 2021

Seraphina Summer 21 Women’s & Children's Collection

I wanted to share a few behind the scenes images and stories as our new clothing collection launches this week. 

How we deliver the new Seraphina 2021 Collection

Life isn't seasonal anymore, life is for living!  So this year Seraphina will be delivering 4 capsule collections between now and July, with two exciting collaborations. We hope this will keep each slightly smaller collection fresh and new and a little more exciting.  A word of warning, once a style sells out, that is it, we will not be repeating it

cotton children's wear Seraphina spring 2021

    Inspired by ...

    The women and girl's collection has been inspired by my love of the Amalfi coast in Italy. Think azure blue seas, pastel coloured houses,  scallop shaped shop awnings, off-set with fresh zingy yellow lemons and brilliant white bourganvillea.  The effortless timeless styles sit well alongside the vibrant striped umbrellas you see along the coastline.

    Styling with Anna Bromilow

    Anna Bromilow, stylist extraordinaire, combined beautifully each and every element of our Amalfi inspired collection.  The colourful selection of printed cottons, striped seersucker and linen chambray dresses, as well as the considered accessories were brought to life in every shot and the excitement was infectious throughout.

    Seraphina behind the scenes spring 2021

    Discover our timeless collection for spring and summer, alongside some young girl’s dresses for our first drop this season. It is important that our customers know that our styles should not be saved for a summer vacation - which I know we are all longing for -  but they are to be worn in the here and now be it spring, summer or early autumn. 

    Eating on Set

    Our lunch again was provided by my genius neighbours in Semley, the organic deli Crompton McCray.  Bill and Caroline made us the most delicious hot home made soup with a selection of their legendary quiches, as well as some wicked sweet treats - very spoiling chocolate coated brownies and lemon drizzle cake - to keep us going throughout the day.

     cotton dress for seraphina spring 2021


    How to entertain the children

    After lunch, the younger models arrived.   I had enlisted my friends Sarah and Diana who run the infamous children’s toy store Star Bags,  to hand pick one of their "Stay At Home" boxes for a 3 year old and 8 year old to keep them entertained.  So once their hair and make-up were done, we gave them their boxes which were a huge hit.  In between shots, Thea and GG kept themselves busy with their unicorn colouring-in books, stickers, stories and maze trails.

    Children at Seraphina London for 2021

    Lucia captured the brief perfectly - Amalfi in the 50’s.  So on that note, our new and first Spring Summer 202 collection has launched and I hope that you love her stunning photography as much as I do.

    Fiona Hodges Seraphina Spring 2021


    Fiona x

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