Seraphina talks to Smart Works champion Thandi Maqubela

Seraphina talks to Thandi Maqubela Smart Works
Last year Seraphina became involved with Smart Works. The UK charity that provides high quality interview clothes and training to unemployed women in need. This month I'm talking to one of the Smart Work champion's, lawyer Thandi Maqubela. 

We all know that clothes can give us incredible confidence and empowerment when we feel good. Embarking on a new career, is definitely one of those moments when we need to feel good about ourselves.

I was delighted to catch up with Thandi to talk about her style, and what gives her confidence when she gets dressed in the morning to go to work.

Thandi Maqubela wearing Seraphina for Smart Works

How did you become involved with Smart Works?

I’d read about the Smart Works initiative and was intrigued by their objectives. I was then fortunate enough to have been introduced to the team by Isabel Spearman. She thought it would be a good organisation for me to support and she was absolutely right, as I genuinely believe in the work they are doing.

What would you say is your staple style? 

I’m a big fan of the midi-dress, it’s a style that always seems to work from an ease and silhouette perspective. I’ve started to incorporate more colour and print into my wardrobe which I guess makes sense. I think we’re all looking for ways to inject a bit of lightness and joy into our lives given the year we’ve just had. I’m currently having a big moment with yellow which I’m loving!

Do you have a go-to outfit or style when you need a bit of a confidence boost? 

I tend to veer towards a good structured dress, with a cinched waist and statement sleeves if the occasion allows for it. I find this silhouette gives me that ‘feel good’ factor which has a direct effect on my confidence levels.

How do you think clothes should make you feel? 

I believe that clothes are a valid tool of self-expression so I think our clothes should make us feel good, happy and confident while being an extension of our individual personalities. 

Do you think colour in clothes empowers women? 

I think this depends on the preference a woman has. If a woman enjoys incorporating colour into her wardrobe and it’s something that comes naturally to her, then of course it will be empowering, as she is most likely to feel comfortable and confident in a colourful outfit. Conversely if someone is into a more muted look, then they should continue with that, neither is necessarily the right answer.

Your favourite Seraphina piece for summer and why?

The Seraphina Scallop Prairie dress is gorgeous! The detail is so considered, from the scalloped edges to the pretty smocked effect at the shoulders – it’s a classic dress you can wear season after season.

How do I visit?

Stella Magazine has collaborated with Smart Works for the third year running, and until 5th May you can find their popup Fashion Sale at Bicester Village, opposite Ralph Lauren. Alongside Seraphina stock there are weekly Style Edits and featured brands. You can find bargains from £5 - £500 and 100% of the proceeds go to Smart Works. 

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