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raising funds for india with seraphina

As you know many Indians are enduring the most unimaginable hardship with Covid cases increasing by the day. There is still a critical shortage of oxygen and ventilators and many continue to be turned away from hospitals as they have reached full capacity levels.

Many of the Seraphina community in India have been affected. The impact on their everyday lives is unimaginable.  Some will be struggling to provide their families with basic needs.

 These wonderfully kind and gentle people have been incredibly loyal to me over the years I have been working with them.  They work hard to deliver collections to Seraphina and our clients. I feel it is now time to give a little back.


To show my appreciation I will be donating 10% of sales from our pop-up and website from Monday 7th June to Friday 11th June.
I am doing it this way to ensure that the money gets to the people that need it most and without delay, by-passing the bureaucracy and red tape.
I hope you will help me support them.
Lots of love,
Fiona x


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